High-pressure laminate worktops are made from the best materials and employing the best know-how. Decorative laminate surfaces are especially resistant and easy to take care of. Regular cleaning is done with a moist cloth and a weak cleaner or a non-abrasive substance solved in warm water. To ensure your continued satisfaction with your purchase, we recommend you to look through these simple pictures and tips.

What we recommend

  • Use trivets or hot pads to protect a worktop from heat damage.
  • Use ashtrays for cigarettes.
  • Do your cutting and chopping on a cutting board.
  • Dry off liquids spilled onto the work surface as fast as possible.
  • Check that all cuts made into the surface (for a stove, a sink and other openings, joints of surfaces) have been sealed with a water-resistant mastic.

What to avoid

  • Do not place kitchen utensils taken straight from the oven or the stove directly on a worktop. Heat and fat or other dirt attached to a kitchen utensil may leave non-removeable stains on the surface of a worktop.
  • You should be careful with cigarettes and when using an iron near a worktop.
  • Ceramic dishes and smooth kitchen utensils do not cause damage to the surface when sliding over the worktop. You should still avoid sliding of kitchenware. Coarse surfaces and protrusions leave unrepairable scratches.
  • Never cut food directly on a worktop.
  • Liquids do not damage laminate surfaces directly, but you still have to dry them off as quickly as possible. Critical spots are close to sinks, stoves and other openings where moisture can travel to the base surface.

Characteristics that affect resistance to scratching

All boards are made in a uniform way from the same raw material. However, scratches and other signs of wear and tear are more visible on darker rather than on lighter surfaces. A patterned board does not show scratches as clearly as a single colour board; an embossed pattern is more practical compared to glossy surfaces. For example, light laminate with Crystal-surface (CR-surface) maintains its good appearance longer compared to dark laminate with glossy surface (BR-surface).

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