Guidelines for use and maintenance of natural stone worktops

Granite and marble worktops and backsplashes made by Diapoli Kivitööstus have been sealed with a stone sealer before they are delivery to customers. We suggest new sealing after one year or two years depending on the type of stone and frequency of use (light stone once a year and dark stone every two years). Regular maintenance and right cleaners help to maintain the beautiful appearance of your worktops for years.

General cleaning tips:

  • Neutral (pH 7), slightly acidic (pH 4–6) or slightly alkaline cleaners (pH 8–10) are suitable for granite tops.
  • Before using, check the information on the cleaner’s label.
  • Acidic cleaners should not be used on marble surfaces.
  • No abrasive substances or items should be used for cleaning granite and marble countertops.

IT IS IMPORTANT to remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid stains from penetrating the stone surface. While granite allows you around 20 minutes to clean up stains, marble is porous and absorbs stains faster. Consequently, postponing cleaning may lead to stains remaining in stone and later cleaning efforts will not give any results.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: If juice, coffee, oil, fat or red wine spills onto a stone worktop, dry it off immediately with a paper towel and wash with water that has been added a neutral cleaner (several dishwashing agents are suitable). Dry the stone worktop with a soft cloth.

Substances that you should handle with care are fat, oil, red wine, coffee, tea and sour juices.

To keep stone in a good condition:

  • Remove stains that have spilled onto stone immediately to avoid unwelcome substances from absorbing into stone. Do not let stains to dry because later cleaning may not give expected results. If you fail at cleaning the stone surface, please contact Diapoli Kivitööstuse OÜ by telephone +372 605 1130 or fax + 372 605 1135. You can buy a special cleaning paste for stone from us.
  • Avoid scratching stone surfaces – use a cutting board. Many modern knives are made from a special kind of strong steel that leaves scratches on polished or smoothed surfaces. Regular steel knives are less risky.
  • Cover stone surfaces for the time of renovating and painting of the room.
  • Do not hammer food directly on a stone worktop – stone may crack and chip.
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