Kitchen furniture

When we furnish our home, we wish to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of furniture and items that blend perfectly with the interior. Our home is a place where we feel equally comfortable on hot summer days and in dark autumn evenings. Regardless of the season, the kitchen is the heart of your home. The times when kitchen furniture was simple and just a necessity have passed.

Kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen furniture reflects the homeowner’s individuality and unique taste. Our goal is to offer you one of a kind high quality design kitchen for a good price. Kitchen furniture should be convenient to use for all family members and support daily activities. Our quality materials, novel solutions and professional service help you find the best kitchen solution for your home.

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Our kitchen furniture showrooms are in Tartu and Tallinn

When selecting kitchen furniture, it is important to begin with a drawing so that you have an image and vision about what you wish. Anybody can come up with a simple drawing. If you lack ideas, our customer assistant helps you and prepares an initial drawing on the spot. If you like the drawing, the next step is to select materials. You can check out the colours of materials we offer on our website and in our showroom. Our customer assistant helps you find the best solution and draws up a price quotation.

We wish to offer turnkey kitchen solutions. In addition to advising on materials, we offer making an individual interior design project, a designer visit (measuring the room, detailing the project, selecting materials and colour tones), selecting and delivery of appliances, installation of furniture, and warranty services. You can resolve all kitchen and kitchen furniture related problems at one place, saving time and effort.

Price quotations given by different companies may vary significantly, although the drawing and materials are the same. If you wish your kitchen furniture to serve you for many years to come, disregard the price tag at first and find out what the price actually covers.

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