Nowadays we cannot imagine life with a wardrobe. A quality wardrobe is a convenient storage unit for clothes. Everyone can choose their preferred wardrobe system to meet his or her needs.


Our wardrobes are made from 16 mm or 22 mm melamine-faced particleboards with plastic edging. The selection includes over 30 wood imitations.

A superb interior can be created together with auxiliary fixtures, such as drawers, cupboard baskets, pullout surfaces, pipes for clothes hangers. Wardrobes made from melamine boards are reliable and practical to use and fit into any home.

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We use a special software to design wardrobe systems so that a realistic image of furniture is created before it is manufactured. We take necessary measurements and draw up price quotations that are free-of-charge for customers. We offer transport and installation of the products that we manufacture.

If the apartment allows, it would be better to build a walk-in closet. The minimal area of this room must be 3–6 square meters. S-30 system doors close the entrance to the walk-in closet and look like an ordinary built-in wardrobe. If there is no space for a walk-in closet, sliding doors help to separate a corner or a part of a room for a wardrobe.

A good reason to replace an old wardrobe or tidy up a storeroom!

Wardrobe system models

Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe

Partly built-in wardrobe system garderoobisüsteem

Partly built-in wardrobe system

Stand-alone wardrobe

Stand-alone wardrobe

Tips for wardrobe selection

  1. Which wardrobe system should you choose?
  2. Wardrobe measuring guidelines

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