Warranty against defects and terms and conditions

Grandber Sisustus OÜ – warranty against defects in functionality of furniture

Furniture is manufactured from tested materials, parts, mechanisms and connecting components of good quality. Functionality and reliability of materials and structures are monitored constantly in the plant and tested by independent research institutions. Our furniture meets the SFS quality standards. Quality materials, tested and constantly monitored production operations and methods, professional skills of employees and high awareness of quality enable us to grant a 2-year (two year) warranty against defects in functionality (hereinafter: warranty) of the commissioned kitchen units, wardrobes and sliding door systems.

Warranty conditions

Warranty start date

  • Warranty shall be valid from the moment furniture is delivered to the buyer.

Warranty period

  • Furniture warranty period is 2 years (two years).

Covered by warranty

Warranty of our products covers the following defects in normal use at a home/dwelling:

  • Structural strength of doors, shelves, ceilings, floors and connecting components
  • Functionality of handles, hinges, metal drawers, waste containers and their slide tracks


Warranty shall not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Normal discolouration
  • Damages caused by a home appliance or some other device connected to, integrated or fitted into furniture (excess heat, moisture, insufficient airflow etc.)
  • Furniture installation (if furniture was not installed by Grandber Sisustus OÜ)
  • Indirect damage

Warranty validity

Warranty shall be valid provided that:

  • An invoice and a receipt that prove that the entire sum of the invoice has been paid are submitted
  • Furniture maintenance, storage and installation, as well as daily care have been compliant with the instructions given by the factory and executed with professional skills
  • Furniture has been used in normal home and living conditions
  • Furniture has not been overloaded or used for any other than intended purposes
  • Guidelines for use and maintenance and other user instructions have been followed

Warranty compensation

A customer shall contact the seller to initiate a warranty compensation process.

If the goods are defective, the seller and the buyer shall prepare a mutual statement listing the defects found in the goods. The seller shall replace the goods non-compliant with the quality requirements and standards at the seller’s expense. The buyer shall notify the seller about non-compliance within 1 week (one week) from the moment the buyer became aware or should have become aware of non-compliance.

If a defect subject to compensation in accordance with the terms and conditions is discovered in furniture, the seller shall deliver, without installation and at the seller’s expense, to the customer in the territory of the Republic of Estonia as quickly as possible after compensation obligations have been identified, a new compliant component to replace the defective component, or if the availability of the relevant component is limited, a component that is as similar as possible to the original component. Colour differences between furniture delivered because of warranty and the initially delivered furniture may occur. These shall not cause any compensation obligation for the seller. If warranty compensation covers a component (a fastener, mechanism, door model or other item) which it not available because of termination of production but the customer demands a component that matches the original, the seller has the right to pay the customer compensation in cash that is equal to the initial price of the component under warranty.

According to § 230 (5) of the Law of Obligations Act, a warranty against defects does not preclude or restrict the right of the buyer to use other legal remedies arising from law or the contract.

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